Is Buying Structured Settlements Risky?

Risk Assessment and Underwriting

Are Secondary Market Annuities Risky?

Unlike other investment strategies, secondary market annuities are secure & backed by highly-rated life insurance companies [or state lottery commissions], offering you greatly reduced risk without sacrificing yield.Best of all, structured settlement annuities are contractually promised, not projections, so the rate you lock in is the rate you keep, even through stormy economic seas.Of course, diversification is the best strategy, and though uncertainty can create opportunity, purchasing secondary market annuities offer balance and will help your portfolio mitigate risk.We’ve built a level of trust and confidence among our clients that we believe is unrivaled by our competitors. Over 90% of our client base still consists from repeat business and existing client referrals.Our secondary market annuities are handled by specially-licensed brokers who perform careful inspection of assets to ensure they’ve been taken great care of.Our investment philosophy is reduced risk. As founder Thomas Hamlin says, “I only work with relative plans, meaning plans that most representatives would only sell to their relatives (and maybe not even then).” Our secondary market offerings are no different: Well-respected outside counsel reviews the factoring process independently of us, to assure all your investments are protected.That said, secondary market annuities are not risk-free and investors should heavily research to ensure the health and viability of their investments.

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What are the Risk?

Our Unrivaled Due Diligence Process

Safe as any other annuity-related investment, risk comes from transfer-court order process, and we take great pride in our due diligence process to ensure your investments are protected and handled with great care.To help perform these inspections fairly and thoroughly, we enlist the help of independent legal counsel, unaffiliated with either the originator or the insurer.If you’re familiar with the risks and are ready to invest, click here.

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