Why Secondary Market Annuities?

Why Secondary Market Annuities?

For the savvy investor, secondary market annuities offer superior yields to other low-risk investment options because they’re purchased at a discount.Purchasing structured settlements can be an excellent strategy whether you’re planning your retirement, transferring wealth to your heirs or just seeking to supplement your income.
Secondary market annuities have been a well-kept secret and in the past were purchased almost exclusively by major financial institutions.But the global financial meltdown of 2008 changed that, and now more individual investors know about them.Structured settlement annuities typically offer higher returns than standard fixed annuities, immediate annuities, CDs, or bonds of similar credit quality.This increased yield is created through the original owner selling these payments at a discount, not the insurance company paying the higher specified rates.

Are Secondary Market Annuities Safe?

Secondary market annuities are backed by top-rated life insurance companies or state lottery commissions.With the proper due diligence, secondary market annuities are among the safest investments.However, without the right knowledge and team, your risk can be significantly raised. Be sure to understand all risks before investing.

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Why Use Us?

Led by secondary market annuity expert Tom Hamlin, we’re the premier source for secondary market annuity expertise, and since then we’ve cornered the market from A-to-Z, from advisers to endowments.Rest assured, we’ll dig deep to custom-tailor a plan to work with and around your current lifestyle and specific needs.

Are Secondary Market Annuities a Good Fit For you?

Secondary market annuities work well for the following investors:

  • Income for retirees
  • College savings
  • Supplemental income for working individuals
  • Wealth transfer to heirs
  • Funding of trusts
  • Building a pension for the future
  • Income with wealth replacement where you buy an income stream sma with a lump sum sma
  • Funding a structure settlement where you can do better with secondary market vs. primary market
  • Short term cash management
  • Zero coupon bond investing alternative
  • All fixed income investors
  • Pre 59 ½ investors that need liquidity prior to being 59 ½
  • IRA and non-IRA investors

What’s the Buying Process?

The buying process is simple and straightforward: Review our Offer Sheet, and then contact us to reserve the case. Complete our Purchaser Information Worksheet and send to us.We’ll prepare and send you a Purchase Agreement. Sign and send us that, along with a $5,000 earnest money deposit. The closing process takes between 30-60 days. Once completed, we’ll transfer the funds to an approved custodial account.

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