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Structured Settlement Sellers Should Shop Around

If you are looking to sell some or all of your structured settlement payments be smart about it and shop around. Structured settlement sellers have either been personally injured through an accident or mentally injured by the unnecessary loss of a loved one, isn’t that enough?  Your legal team presumably fought hard for you and was wise enough to structure your payments so that you had monthly income and periodic lump sums, but in spite of their efforts and for whatever reason(s) you need more. This may be due to hardship, an investment, a business venture or a child’s college education that wasn’t factored in at the time you received your award. That said, you do not want to add insult to injury (truly no pun intended here) by not getting the most out of the payments you are looking to sell in exchange for a lump sum of cash. Wouldn’t you agree?

Assuming you agree that you’d like to get the most for you payments you need a computer and my assumption here is that since you are reading this you have one or at least access to one. Next call our company Somerset Wealth Strategies, LLC at 800-813-4000 and one of our highly trained representatives will take down your information, including but not limited to; name, address, phone number, insurance company making your payments, state of issue and where you live etc… If you have supporting information we would also need to have that. Supporting information would be a copy of your policy, a benefits letter etc… Once we have enough information we can share much of it with our friends at the factoring companies that we have a relationship with (excluding your name, address and phone number) and they will provide us with their best quote for your payments. Either following or while we are shopping your payments around you should also keep looking on the internet and TV so that you can be ultra confident that we are truly getting you the best price. The benefit to us is that after your payments are properly factored (factored means going through the court approval process under 26 USC § 5891) we can sell them to our investors who want guaranteed regular income. Does this make sense?

In summary we are hoping that you don’t have to sell your payments and that selling them should always be a last resort decision whereby all other options have been exhausted. Furthermore we encourage you to discuss your financial situation with at least one and preferably two professional financial planners prior to making your final decision.  That said, if there are no other options and it’s determined that you need to sell some or all of your payments we want you to help get you the most for them and we believe we can truly help.

Lastly, you can increase your search results by looking up; Secondary Market Annuities, In-Force Annuities and Pre-owned Annuities but call us first at 800-813-4000.

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