Secondary Market Annuities/Structured Settlement Broker

Secondary Market Annuities Explained

The term Secondary Market Annuity(ies) “SMA” is an engineered name designed to more easily describe a Factored Structured Settlement “FSS”

Secondary Market Annuities are to the Yellow Breasted Sapsucker as Factored Structured Settlements are to the Sphyrapicus varius.

In fact Secondary Market Annuities are not annuities at all, they are structured settlement payment rights transferred by court order through IRC § 5891

Factored Structured Settlement Update

Looking to earn greater than average fixed-income returns – ranging from 3% to 6%? Consider a secondary market income annuity.The secondary market caters to owners of structured settlement payment rights who sell their future payments – payments that are guaranteed and paid by an insurance company or the state lottery commission – in exchange for a lump sum payment today.These above average yields are created because buyers purchase payment stream rights at a discount resulting in what can be an above average yield. How far above average? See for yourself.Purchasing structured settlements is not without its risks. That’s why you need an experienced team who knows how to perform proper and thorough due diligence.

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